Many years ago, marketers only had to be savvy enough to understand TV, PR, print, radio and OOH. And the good ones knew how they worked well in conjunction.

Those days are long gone.

If marketers don't understand the impact and engagement factor of social media, they are not only behind, but are doing a disservice to their brand.

Does that mean that traditional mediums go away?  Not a chance. Many brands still need those mediums if they have a very broad audience with very big budgets.

However, small to medium sized businesses have opportunities to make a bigger impact with less budget now than ever before.

else is needed?

The social connection.

Brands now have all the opportunities in the world to connect with their audiences on a deeper, more personal level.
Years ago, advertising meant pushing messages out, with no real feedback without spending thousands of dollars on focus groups.

That situation has changed. Over the next couple of weeks we'll be discussing why without social media, your brand will become irrelevant and showcasing brands that do it well.
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